Meet colorspike

Colorspike is an animation-driven photo/video light that feels right at home in any shooter’s kit. Colorspike combines fully programmable color light and high CRI white light with our powerful animation engine to completely redefine what's possible on set, in studio, or on the go.

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Pro hardware

Colorspike's rugged aluminum body protects the internals while dissipating heat silently without a fan. The bar form factor is perfect for going handheld and the dual side channels make easy mounting. The ultra-bright, flicker-free RGB LEDs are capable of displaying millions of colors and are accompanied by high CRI white LEDs for clean full-spectrum light. Colorspike runs from the included wall adapter or the internal rechargeable battery.

Made for video

Colorspike is a video shooter's secret weapon. Use the app to create bespoke visual effects that help realize your vision and drive narrative. Whether you need to simply try a variety of different color washes on a scene, dial in some deliberate off-camera effects, or even use it as a practical lighting source, Colorspike is up to the task.

Made for stills

At last, High CRI white light meets programmable color. As a still shooter, Colorspike simplifies your workflow, helping you get more looks in less time and freeing you to focus on the creative process. Whether you need clean, full spectrum white light or 16-bit color, colorspike helps you get a variety of looks in no time flat.

App controlled

While colorspike is designed to be functional without pairing to a mobile device, our feature-packed companion app is the key to unlocking all of colorspike's functionality. From managing your collection of patterns, to tweaking and creating new ones, to controlling multiple units simultaneously, the app takes colorspike to a whole new level.
Tweak existing patterns or design your own
Choose colors and gradients to be applied
Add custom motion curves for dynamic effects

Many lights, one app

Colorspike is even better in groups. The app allows you to connect to multiple devices simultaneously and control them separately or in tandem. You can even span a single pattern across multiple colorspikes to have a pattern travel from one light to the next seamlessly. Because of this, we offer discounts to shooters who are interested in using multiple colorspikes as a system of lights.

Quantity Total Savings
2 $28
3 $72
4+ $116


  • Materials: Anodized aluminum, ABS, Nylon
  • Weight: 1.2lbs
  • Dimensions: 52cm x 50mm x 50mm
  • Lumens: 1800
  • LED total power: 18 watts
  • LED refresh rate: >4000hz
  • Wall power: included 15v 3a DC Adapter
  • Battery: 7.4v 2900mA embedded li-ion
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)

Created by shooters, for shooters.

Colorspike was designed by Bitbanger in Brooklyn NY, and funded on Delivery September 2018.
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